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BII Level

BII level dance classes for kids develop students' technique, vocabulary, flexibility, and coordination.

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BII level classes are designed around a structured classical ballet class. Students continue to develop technique and vocabulary, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Classes in this division are carefully graded by age, physical strength, and development. Students are promoted according to individual progress in acquiring technique and strength. It is mandatory that students take two one-hour classes per week; split blocks are not permitted. Three one-hour classes per week are recommended. Placement class required for new students.

To participate in Spring Concert, student must enroll in one of the Spring Concert classes indicated below (*). All enrolled students have the opportunity to participate in Spring Concert. Rehearsals begin in January 2021 with 15-minute extension.

Schedule and faculty subject to change based on enrollment.

BII Level 2020-2021 Schedule

Buckhead Centre

Instructor Day Time Notes
S. Bennett Mon 5:15-6:15p Block A *Spring Concert Rehearsal (6:15-6:30p)
S. Bennett Wed 5:30-6:30p Block A
K. Gaul Tue 4:15-5:15p Block B *Spring Concert Rehearsal (5:15-5:30p)
K. Gaul Thu 5:00-6:00p Block B
H. Clair Tue 4:30-5:30p Block C
H. Clair Fri 5:00-6:00p Block C *Spring Concert Rehearsal (6:00-6:15p)

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre

Instructor Day Time Notes
H. Clair Mon 5:15-6:15p Block D
H. Clair Wed 5:30-6:30p Block D *Spring Concert rehearsal (6:30-7:30p)
A. Penny Tue 4:15-5:15p Block E
A. Penny Thu 4:15-5:15p Block E *Spring Concert rehearsal (5:15-5:30p)
D. Sales Sat 9:00-10:00a add-on class option

Virginia-Highland Centre at Amsterdam Walk

Instructor Day Time Notes
C. Vaughn Mon 4:30-5:30p Block F
C. Vaughn Wed 4:30-5:30p Block F *Spring Concert Rehearsal (5:30-5:45p)
T. Benion Tue 5:15-6:15p Block G*Spring Concert Rehearsal (6:15-6:30p)
T. Benion Thu 5:30-6:30p Block G

Enrollment Information

Current CDE students may enroll for the 2020-2021 school year by clicking here.

All new students must contact the Centre Administrative Director at the Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre in West Midtown or the Principals at the Buckhead and Virginia-Highland Centres. Please email your preferred location for registration procedures.

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre
1695 Marietta Boulevard NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Kelly Tonina Cooper, Centre Administrative Director

Buckhead Centre
4279 Roswell Road, Suite 703
Atlanta, GA 30342

Kate Gaul, Principal

Virginia-Highland Centre at Amsterdam Walk
504 Amsterdam Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Nicole Adams, Principal

Registration Fee

Early (Current CDE families that register by June 1): $35
Regular (All families, May 6-Sept. 6):
Late (All families, after Sept. 6): $75

Spring Concert Fee: $185 due October 25, 2020
Late Deadline:
$200 if paid by November 15, 2020

Extra Costume Fee (Optional): $80

Annual Tuition


Additional Class: $820

Payment Options:

1 Installment: $1,558 (5% discount applied)
2 Installments: $820 per installment (1st due at registration, 2nd due by January 1st)
10 Installments: $164 per installment (1st and last installments due at registration)

Optional Discipline Classes

Click here for the Optional Disciplines schedule.

Dress Code

Girls: Royal blue Atlanta Ballet logo tank leotard (Eurotard style #1043), pink or skin tone tights, pink or skin tone ballet shoes, hair in bun (all hair décor secured)

White Atlanta Ballet t-shirt, black shorts or tights, white socks, and black ballet shoes

Uniform leotards are exclusively available at the Atlanta Ballet Boutique. Boutiques are located in each school location. Shoes, tights, and other dance supplies are also available in the Boutique. Questions regarding the Boutique can be directed to

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