Leadership and Faculty

Leadership and Faculty

Leadership and Faculty


Led by Artistic Director Gennadi Nedvigin and Dean Sharon Story, the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education (CDE) features a team of over 40 professional instructors at our Midtown, Buckhead, and Virginia-Highland studios. The CDE's instructors are dedicated to providing a nurturing experience in the art of dance that will aid in the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of students at all levels. Our instructors are among the best in Atlanta and include current and former members of Atlanta Ballet and other professional dance companies around the world.


  • Gennadi Nedvigin, Artistic Director

  • Sharon Story, Dean/Ballet Mistress

  • Kelly Tonina Cooper, Centre Administrative Director

  • Diane Caroll, Community Partnerships Director

  • Kate Gaul, Buckhead Centre Principal

  • Nicole Adams, Virginia-Highland Centre Principal

  • Ansilla Bearden, Satellite Manager

  • Brittney Flowers, Centre Education Associate

Centre Education Associates: Imani Austin-Edwards, Allegra Fasshauer, Shannon Geary, Katie Nehal, Hui-Wen Peng, Evelyn Robinson, Kaitlin Roemer, Samantha Schuermann, Bryony Whitelaw


Nicole Adams, Ansilla Bearden, Shirley Bennett, Haley Brink, Darby Burgess, Georgie Grace Butler, Serena Chu, Harmony Clair, Kelly Tonina Cooper, Kameron Davis, Nardja el-Shabazz, Allegra Fasshauer, Kate Gaul, Ashley Gibson, Jennifer Inman, LaToya Princess Jackson, Aaron James, Caroline Kraehe, Sergio Masero, Loren McFalls, Arneshuia Nelson, Anna Penny, Chantia Robinson, Diane Caroll, Roscoe Sales, Erin Smith, Jasmine Stevenson, Abigail Tan-Gamino, Grace Thompson, Jennifer Van Meter, Calla Vaughn, Natalya Vyashenko, Martine Weber


Elizabeth Grimes, Aleksandra Korshunova, Yulia Rice, Gretel Rodriguez, Kyla Zollitsch​