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This page has important information for new and returning Centre families. If you have questions outside of the information presented here, please contact Admissions.

Latest Announcements!

The 2024-25 Centre calendar is LIVE. Please review and get important dates on your family calendar.

Fall 2024 Registration | August 5, 2024 - June 1, 2025

Returning Centre Families: If your student completed the 23-24 school year, you can log into your existing account. Classes for their approved level* will be listed for you to select and complete registration. Please begin here. DO NOT SUBMIT A REQUEST TO REGISTER.

Before registering: Ensure that your core classes are available for registration. Do not submit partial registrations. If a level is missing, contact admissions right away.

Academy Families: Please register for your current Academy level. Placements will be adjusted for the fall at the conclusion of your summer programming. Please begin here.

New Centre Families: If you are joining us for the first time or have lapsed one year or more, the Request to Register for the 24-25 school year is available here. This creates a new ballet account for you and alerts us that you are seeking registration. If you have already submitted a request to register and submitted a birth certificate, if applicable, and received a confirmation of receipt, you can begin here.

Birth Certificates: The Centre for Dance Education requires all students aged 7 and under to submit a birth certificate before entering our program. This helps us confirm that your student will be placed in the appropriate level suitable for their age and skill set as of September 1. Families will only have to do this upon their initial registration. Submit here.

Schedule Changes: Once you have registered, any adjustments must be completed manually. Please do not add single classes in new orders. This creates extra administrative work for the Centre team. If you need to make a change (add/drop/switch), please use the schedule change request form link below.

*The Centre for Dance Education follows the same academic age requirement guidelines in their dance education. This allows for the ultimate developmental and physical training of the mind and body progression in early childhood education. Therefore, student placements for ages 2-7 are based on their age as of September 1, 2024, no matter when they register for the 24-25 school year.

Student Teaching Assistant Applications

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, the Student Teaching Assistant application is now open. Students in level B3 and/or optional disciplines level 2 and up are encouraged to apply to assist our younger classes, ages 2 to 8, alongside faculty.

Schedule Change Requests

If you are a currently registered family for 24-25 and need to adjust your schedule, drop, and/or add classes, you may do so by clicking the button below.

As of October 1, schedule change requests will incur a $25 change fee. This applies to all requests, EXCEPT for the following:

- Class cancellations by the Centre
- Centre faculty and/or staff recommendations
- Classes added to student's existing schedule
- Complete withdrawal from the school

Please be mindful of frequent class changes, as they can disrupt training, make it difficult for instructors to monitor progress effectively, and adversely affect spring concert planning.

NOTE: We ask that you do not attend new classes until you receive an email confirmation that the transfer has been approved and completed.

Summer Programs

The Centre offers several options to keep your students dancing all year round. For ages 2 and up, find the right program for your family:

Summer Day Programs: ages 2 and up

Summer Intensives: ages 11 and up (audition required)

Centre Uniforms

All registered students are required to wear AB uniforms for their approved level. The Centre Boutique is the sole location to provide all of your student's needs. There are two locations: Buckhead Centre and Michael C. Carlos Centre. Explore everything our boutique has to offer through the button below.

Parents' Association

As a currently registered Centre family, you are a member of our Parents' Association, which provides much-needed support to the activities of the Centre for Dance Education. There are several opportunities to get involved with the association. We appreciate every parent's support and dedication to the Centre.

Our co-chairs this year are Allegra Lawrence-Hardy and Arden Rowland. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about how to get involved.

Performance Opportunities

The Centre is proud to offer many opportunities for dancers to showcase their talent on stage or at special events. Return to this page for information on the upcoming 2024-25 performances.


If you are seeking a complete withdrawal from all classes, please reach out to your Centre Manager or the Centre Administrative Director. There is a separate form for complete withdrawals from classes.

Buckhead Centre Manager, Ansilla Bearden,
Virginia-Highland Centre Manager, Ashley Suta
Michael C. Carlos Centre Admin Dir., Kelly Tonina Cooper

Automatic Billing

All families are enrolled in auto-billing upon completing their registration. This is a requirement for all accounts on an installment plan. If you would like to update your current card on file, you may do so by clicking the button below.

Once received, all outstanding balances will be processed, including relevant late fees and any past-due performance fees. The updated card will be used for all accounts for the current school year.

If you have multiple students enrolled and would like to use a different card per child, please complete a separate form for each.

*This information will be processed through MS forms, which are encrypted for safety.

Meeting Request

As a registered Centre family, you are welcome to reach out for a conversation with your student's instructor and/or Dean Story to discuss any details about your student training. This may be done over the phone, Zoom, or in person depending on availability. To request a meeting, please select the button below.

Makeup Classes

Students who miss a class are eligible to take a makeup class at any of our Centre locations. They are not mandatory but are recommended to ensure your student receives all of their studio time. Makeup classes are prescheduled throughout the year, rotating between Centres. While there is no additional charge for makeup classes, students must preregister. Please select the class link below to register.

2024-25 Schedule TBA

Parent Perks

Adult Open Division - as a registered Centre family, parents and legal guardians can take classes at a reduced rate. We offer ballet at all levels as well as some optional disciplines like tap and modern. Make dance a part of your entire family's routine! Learn More

Ticket Discounts - Centre families receive 20% off of tickets to any of Atlanta Ballet's productions. Contact Patron Services to learn more.

Stay up-to-date on all things CDE with our online calendar! You can find all Centre holiday closings, parent observation weeks, and more.