Graduate Spotlight: Ephraim Fowler


June 02, 2021

Graduate Spotlight: Ephraim Fowler

Emmy Kienast Photography.

I began dance when I was 8 years old alongside my brothers after being asked to join the Party scene in a local production of The Nutcracker. Over the next several years, I continued dancing and was accepted to the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities for my last two years of high school. During my junior year, our country experienced COVID-19. I was able to continue my studies as best as possible from home but found it very challenging. Once the school made the decision that fall would continue online, I reached out to the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education and was offered an Academy student position.

My time being in Academy V has been a blessing. I did receive the Directors Scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to continue my training and pursue acting. I was also honored [with] and have accepted an invitation to join Atlanta Ballet 2 for the 2021 | 2022 season. Upon graduating, I am looking forward to learning more and challenging my body and mind together with my dance peers as part of such an inclusive and supportive organization here at Atlanta Ballet. In my opinion, dance is hard work that includes focus and commitment, which leads to a beautiful expression of art for all to enjoy.

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