Open Houses

Open Houses

Free Classes & Activities for the Whole Family

Open Houses

Free Classes & Activities for the Whole Family

Once a year, the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education opens the doors of its 3 studio locations for members of the community to explore our spaces and try out a variety of fun dance classes for the whole family!

Space is available on a first come, first served basis. No pre-registration required.


Friday, August 9, 2019 | Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre in West Midtown

Class Schedule - Friday, August 9 at the Michael C. Carlos Centre

Creative MovementAges 5 to 76:15-7:00pA. Penny
ModernAges 8 to 116:00-7:00pD. Sales
BalletAges 12 to 176:00-7:00pT. Benion
BalletAges 8 to 117:00-8:00p
A. Penny
ModernAges 12 to 177:00-8:00pD. Sales
Beg/Int BalletAdult, ages 18 and up7:00-8:00pT. Benion

Saturday, August 10, 2019 | Virginia-Highland Centre in Amsterdam Walk

Class Schedule - Saturday, August 10 at the Virginia-Highland Centre

Mommy & MeAge 2 + one adult12:00-12:45pT. Benion
Creative MovementAges 3 to 412:00-12:45pA. Gibson
Creative MovementAges 3 to 41:00-1:45pT. Benion
Creative MovementAges 5 to 61:00-1:45pA. Gibson
BalletAges 7 to 102:00-3:00pC. Vaughn
BalletAges 11 to 132:00-3:00pH. Drawe
BalletAges 11 to 133:00-4:00pC. Vaughn
BalletAges 14 to 163:00-4:00pH. Drawe
JazzAges 7 and up12:00-1:00pH. Drawe
TapAges 7 and up1:00-1:45pH. Drawe
Beg/Int BalletAdult, ages 18 and up2:00-3:30pT. Benion
Beg/Int PointeAdult, ages 18 and up3:30-4:00pT. Benion

Sunday, August 11, 2019 | Buckhead Centre in Chastain Square

Class Schedule - Sunday, August 11 at Buckhead Centre

Mommy & MeAge 2 + one adult12:00-1:00p
Creative MovementAges 3 to 41:00-2:00p
Creative MovementAges 5 to 73:00-4:00p
BalletAges 8 to 102:00-3:00p
BalletAges 10 to 1212:00-1:00p
BalletAges 13 to 172:45-4:00p
Tap & JazzAges 5 to 92:00-3:00p
Tap, Twist & TwirlAges 3 to 512:00-1:00p
TapAges 7 and up3:00-4:00p
Hip HopAges 7 and up1:00-2:00p
JazzAges 7 and up2:00-3:00p
ModernAges 9 and up1:00-2:00p
Beg/Int BalletAdult, ages 18 and up1:00-2:30p
Hip HopAdult, ages 18 and up12:00-1:00p
JazzAdult, ages 18 and up3:00-4:00p