Boys Class

Boys Class

Boys’ classes are available to male dancers ages 6 and up in the Student Division. The Centre believes that these classes are essential in the development of a young male dancer’s technique. The instructors, both current and former male dancers from Atlanta Ballet’s professional company, are both mentors and examples of what today’s young male dancer can aspire to become. The Boys’ classes meet twice a week. Students enrolled in Boys’ classes should also enroll in at least one age-appropriate ballet class.

Level II boys must participate in a placement class or receive an instructor recommendation for this level.

Spring Concert rehearsals begin in class in February 2018.

Schedule and faculty subject to change based on enrollment.

Boys Class Schedule

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
J. Tan Mon
5:30-6:30p Boys II
A. Luna Fri
5:45-6:45p Advanced Boys