Centre Dance

It has been a long-standing goal of Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education to educate, inspire, and reach out to youth that may not otherwise be exposed to dance. Through strong partnerships with Parklane Elementary School and Maynard Jackson High School, the Centre for Dance Education was able to do just that by establishing the Centre Dance program. Centre Dance integrates dance classes into the standard academic curriculum, using before, during, and after-school programs. This approach provides an alternative learning environment to encourage students' self-expression and social awareness, while enriching each school day.

Students are able to experience many types of dance, including ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Teachers of students who participate in the Centre Dance program have noticed positive changes in attendance, behavior, and academic performance, as well as a growth in confidence.

Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education and the Centre Dance program were recently awarded Fulton County Schools' Prestigious Partner Award by Parklane Elementary. This award is the highest for partnership given by the school system and recognizes organizations who have made a unique and lasting impact on the school, are an active part of the school community, and have a deep interest in the success of the school. Centre Dance is in its twelfth year at Parklane Elementary, and in its fourth year at Maynard Jackson High.

For additional information regarding Centre Dance, contact Diane Sales, Community Partnerships Manager, at 404.873.5811 x 102 or dsales@atlantaballet.com.