This class focuses on the poise and strength needed for the art form known as classical ballet.  With five different levels, there is a class for everyone, wherever they may be in their journey with dance.

*Pointe classes should be taken in conjunction with a regular ballet class in order to prevent injury.

A minimum of three paying students must be present in order for a class to be held.  In case of an instructor's absence, we will substitute from within our staff.

Ballet Schedule

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
N. Hites Mon
9:45-11:15a ADVANCED
H. Clair Mon
C. Szkutek Tue
9:45-11:15a INTERMEDIATE
N. Hites Wed
9:45-11:15a ADVANCED
H. Clair Wed
N. Hites Thu
9:45-11:15a ADVANCED
C. Szkutek Fri
9:45-11:15a ADVANCED
Buckhead Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
A. Harrison Mon
7:30-9:00p INTRO
R. Miles (Sub until Sept. 26) Tue
10:30a-12:00p INTERMEDIATE
A. Harrison Tue
12:15-1:45p INTRO
R. Miles Wed
10:00-11:30a INTERMEDIATE (BEGINS 9/27)
C. Manning Wed
11:30a-1:00p BEGINNER
P. Gamino Wed
7:00-8::30p INTERMEDIATE
R. Miles (Sub until Sept. 28) Thu
10:00-11:30a INTERMEDIATE
A. Harrison Thu
11:45a-1:15p INTRO
A. Harrison Thu
1:15-2:15p INTRO POINTE (should be taken with a regular ballet class)
T. R. Thomas Thu
P. Gamino Fri
C. Szkutek Sat
C. Szkutek Sat
12:00-1:30p ADVANCED
C. Szkutek Sat
1:30-2:30p ADVANCED POINTE (should be taken with a regular ballet class)
R. Miles Sat
2:00-3:30p INTERMEDIATE (BEGINS 9/23)
A. Harrison Sat
2:30-4:00p INTRO
A. Harrison Sat
4:00-5:00p INTRO POINTE (should be taken with a regular ballet class)