Division BIV

BIV level students are promoted according to individual progress in acquiring technique and strength. It is mandatory that students take one three-hour block of ballet technique classes per week. Under the instructor’s guidance, these classes ensure the student’s mastery of the fundamental movement methods. Placement class required for new students.

To participate in Spring Concert, student must enroll in one of the Spring Concert classes indicated below (*). All enrolled students are required to participate in Spring Concert. Rehearsals begin in February 2019. 

Schedule and faculty subject to change based on enrollment.

Division BIV Schedule

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
S. Bennett Tue
5:30-7:00p Block D
S. Bennett Thu
5:15-6:45p* Block D *Spring Concert rehearsal class
C. Kraehe Wed
6:15-7:45p add-on option
Buckhead Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
S. Bennett Mon
5:15-6:45p Block A *Spring Concert rehearsal class
S. Bennett Wed
5:00-6:30p Block A
M. Jericevich Tue
5:15-6:45p* Block B *Spring Concert rehearsal class
M. Jericevich Thu
5:00-6:30p Block B
S. Bennett Fri
6:15-7:45p add-on class option
Virginia-Highland Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
H. Drawe Tue
5:15-6:45pm Block E *Spring Concert rehearsal class
H. Drawe Thu
6:45-8:15p Block E
H. Drawe Mon
5:30-7:00p* Add-on class option
*Spring Concert rehearsal class