Audition is required.

The Conservatory dancers are select individuals who are at a crucial point in their development. This progressive level of training allows a young female or male artist the opportunity to mature before entering the demanding work of a professional company. The dancers for the Conservatory Program will be chosen from our yearly Pre-Professional Division, Summer Advanced and Professional Programs, and interested international candidates.

Conservatory dancers will be involved in daily semi-private classes taught by the artistic staff, principal faculty members, and guest master teachers. They will have a total of 30 hours of instruction during the week Monday to Saturday. These classes are designed to enhance their level of technique and artistry. The classes will include a daily technique class, pointe, men’s, variations, pas de deux, modern, jazz, contemporary, and repertoire. The dancers will follow the Company’s daily schedule from 9:30-6:10 with a common lunch break. This will allow for rehearsal with the Company from 3:10 – 6:10pm as needed along with learning separate repertory. This schedule is designed to allow the dancers to work with the professional Company and also have outside means of employment.

There will be several opportunities to perform with the Atlanta Ballet Company in many of their larger productions. Conservatory dancers will be a large part of our educational commitment to the community with involvement in outreach initiatives. These young adults are on the verge of becoming professional dancers and this is their first step to realizing Atlanta Ballet’s mission and place in the community. The Conservatory Program will represent Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education as Honor Company at the Southeast Regional Ballet Association and with their own works at Spring Concert and performances throughout the year.

Click here for the NASD credit hours requirements for the Conservatory level.

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*Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education does not accept transfer credits/hours.

Conservatory Schedule

Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre
Instructor Day Time Notes
N. Clark Mon
9:30-11:00a BALLET
N. Clark Mon
11:00a-12:00p POINTE
N. Clark Mon
1:00-2:00p ARTISTRY
N. Hites Mon
2:15-3:15p DANCE HISTORY
3:30-4:30p PILATES
O. Molina Tue
9:30-11:30a BALLET
L. Davis Tue
11:30a-1:00p MODERN
M. Goodman Tue
2:00-4:00p BALLET
4:30-6:10p JOIN COMPANY (as needed)
M. Goodman Wed
9:30-11:00a BALLET
M. Goodman Wed
11:00a-12:00p POINTE
1:00-2:00p PILATES
S. Hilmer Wed
3:15-6:10p JOIN COMPANY (as needed)
O. Molina Thu
9:30-11:00a BALLET
C. Szkutek Thu
11:15a-12:30p VARIATIONS
O. Molina Thu
11:15-12:30p MEN'S CLASS
T. Vogt Thu
1:30-3:00p MODERN
A. Nasir Thu
3:15-4:15p Hip Hop
4:30-6:10p JOIN COMPANY (as needed)
S. Hilmer Fri
9:30-11:30a BALLET
O. Molina Fri
11:30a-1:00p PAS DE DEUX
C. Szkutek Fri
A. Luna Sat
10:00a-12:15p BALLET