Update from Atlanta Ballet Registered Dietitian Emily Cook Harrison

Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Nutrition started November off with a bang. I was invited to San Francisco Ballet School to give a series of nutrition seminars to the advanced students and trainees on sports nutrition, energy balance, healthy choices, and healthy weight management. Atlanta Ballet and San Francisco Ballet spent months planning this trip; and it wouldn't have happened without the tireless support of SFB soloist Elana Altman, who believes that health and nutrition should be a part of every dancer's training. She and I talked about how this is sadly not the norm in the ballet world and how much we had wished classes like these were available when we were just starting out in our careers. Elana shared inspiring quotes from SFB dancers about what a difference eating well can make to one’s performance and risk for injury.

The dancers were fantastic. They were eager participants, had great questions, and wanted more information. I am happy to have been invited back for more classes in the spring. This time we will focus on real life meals and snacks, cooking, and meal planning. I will be doing food demos like the ones that dancers get during the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Summer Intensive Program. We are all very proud that the Centre for Dance Nutrition has grown so much over the past 3 years and that it continues to provide quality, evidence-based nutrition information specific to the unique needs of dancers.

Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD
Atlanta Ballet Registered Dietitian








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Elana Altman and Emily Cook Harrison at SFB.





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