Neuroscientists Say Dance Most Effective for Slowing Aging

According to some new research, dancing just might be the answer to slowing the aging process. In a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, neuroscientists discovered that physical activity stimulates the brain's hippocampus, the area that is most susceptible to the aging process. While all exercise shows positive results (the study also looked at weight training), dance also helped improve balance in the test subjects.

"While scientists know that physical exercise can combat age-related brain decline, this study shows that dancing, specifically continuously changing dance routines and choreography, is superior to repetitive exercise like cycling or walking." - Justin Brown, Ideapod

Read about the study and the scientists' findings by reading the full article here. Then, get moving and join us in the studios for our drop-in Adult Open Division classes that will improve your mind and body health!

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Photo courtesy of Ideapod.

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